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Citadel... on the move

Unleashing the power of mobile technology and open access data to tap into the innovation potential of citizens to deliver smarter city services.

Citadel...on the move

Target users and needs

Citadel on the Move aims to make it easier for citizens and application developers alike from across Europe to use Open Data to create the type of innovative mobile applications that they want and need. At present, Open Government Data is often difficult to access and use by even the developer community, let alone the average citizen. Citadel on the Move aims to fulfill this need by 1) creating formats that make it easier for local government to release data in useable, interoperable formats and 2) templates that make it easier for citizens to create mobile applications that can be potentially used and shared across Europe.


Citadel on the Move solution components will be available for use by anyone in a city to create a new mobile smart service. Mobile apps and access to open data will be available (a) on the Citadel project website, (b) through Living Lab infrastructures and (c) on any existing innovation platform chosen by the pilot City. The templates and Living Lab support will provide a simplified route to smart service development for non-developers who have great service ideas.

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'Citadel... on the move' brochure

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